zaterdag 28 juli 2012


Our first week back from Italy was a rather warm one. I understood everybody in Holland was very happy with the sun, and ofcourse I don't want to complain, but I was happy with my cold house. It was hot outside, and for me that means not so many activities like walking and bike riding. So we only made some small tours and little walks in the late afternoons, and picknicks at the riverside. And we ofcourse had laundry to wash, house to clean and all that kind of things.
But yesterday it was a better day for making a bike ride, and so we did, about 70 km. I'm sad to say I forgot my camera, it was really beautiful outsight. The light!! My 2 boys had left for spending some time with their father, so we could do whatever we wanted.

Well, here some more photo's of Italy.

On a clear day this was the vieuw from our house, Monte Rosa, in the distance.

It's a rather strange feeling, watching snow in the distance when you sit in the shadow in your swimming clothes (I did enjoy the pool).

But in the first week we had rain too, and even a hailstorm!!

We were sitting in the clouds. The weather was impressing, rain and very loud thunder. It does sound loud in the mountains!! Locals told us it was over 30 years ago there was such a hailstorm in summer.

I was feeling so good being here again; the first time I was here in 1968, with my parents. And 7 years later they bought a little house here, which they rented in the summertime, but I went there some springs and autumns, with friends. In those days it took much longer to travel, students we were, and we went by train, and walked up the mountain. Once I was there with Christmas with 2 good friends, that was like a fairy tale. The churchs bells ringing on Christmas eve, we descending the mountain, magic. 

woensdag 25 juli 2012

Villaggio di sunclass Bedero

Last month we went to Italy, celebrating our summer holiday! This was something I wanted for years, seeing the places were I spend many holidays in my youth, and stayed for months in autumns and springs. I long wanted to show  these familiar places to my boys, but life got in the way. I got divorced unexpected, had to learn to drive, worked very hard to earn a living and so on. So instead I bought a caravan and stayed the summers in Holland, this was easier, less stress.
It was a good decision, now my boys sometimes are talking about how they have enjoyed our holidays, the fun they had camping. We often took friends with us.
But last year I made the decision to get rid of the caravan and to go abroad in the next summer.  Our caravan was to big to drive it with our car, so...
On the 28th of june G and I went to Italy, my sons would come a week later by plane. I loved everything!! Allthough things had changed, and I was amazed by the small roads which I had to drive for the first time in my life, it a little scary. We do have an old car. We were in the north of Italy, near the Lago Maggiore. The climate there is mediterranean, which you can see at the sort of plants, palms, lots of hydragengeas, an abundance of all kinds of plants.
I will write some posts about Italy.
And now some photo's..

A  house with a vieuw...

Our very own palm.

Somewhere there is our house for 3 weeks....

A little walk around..

And around....

Those little streets......

A little insight....

And ofcourse some hooky time. I so loved it being out all day, from the moment I got up till the moment I went to bed. The atmosphere, the light, the temperature, the shadow....