dinsdag 21 mei 2013

Our Pentecost weekend

In Holland we celebrate Pentecost for 2 days, sunday and monday, so this was a long weekend. Mostly I find myself working, but this time I had a free weekend. Friday evening the 3 "little"  "brothers of my sons came to stay a few days. The youngest of them had asked it some time ago, he likes to stay with us, and so do his brothers. They sure are busy kids, but that's okay. Just keep them busy.

Saturday evening on the couch, after we had spend the day at De Spelerij in Dieren.
In this place children can play all day in an active way, and explore all kind of things. They can create objects and art.
The way of playing excites their fantasy. They can invent things. Many objects to play with are made of recycled materials. Go check the link abve, it's worth it. I went there for the first time when Oldest was 2 years old, still in diapers. (now he is 21) We visited so many times, I do enjoy it myself. I remember one day when my children didn't need much help any more, and I painted and made characters almost all day. Years ago.

Youngest of the 5 brothers, 6 years old.

The busy red head, always running, restless. 12 years now.

My Oldest, and the curly blonde, 13 years old.

This fortress they built together. A pity it was a kind of raining, very softly.

Ah, and lunch together.  My youngest had a very sore and battered face, he fell with his bike the day before. It was still hurting. Nothing was broken, happily enough.

The children had created all kind of things, I forgot to take pictures of it.
People at De Spelerij are very friendly. For instance the Red head fell in the water, and than there are clothes to borrow and dryers to dry your own clothes in. Such a nice, friendly atmosphere.
And at dinner we ate pancakes!!

It was an exhausting day for the boys, but did they go to bed early? Oh no no no.

donderdag 16 mei 2013

Thursday show and tell.

Browsing through my photo's I saw these ones again. I believe they were made 2 years ago, when the water in the river IJssel was very high some time during the winter. In the back of the photo's you can see my city.

It kind of looks like the big boat will go over the cars afar. And the trees just growing out of the water. And look at that traffic sign, no cars and motors allowed here in the water...

Some roads were flooded, I remember. I had to take a different road home than I normally do. The IJssel was so very  wide.

When you look at these photo's it is easy to depict that we here in the Netherlands do have our difficulties with the water. But I do love these pictures.

dinsdag 14 mei 2013

Flea market

Last saturday we visited a little fleamarket which get organised once every 2 years in a little village nearby. The local church is the organiser. It's always a very nice event, with open minded people, and lots of things to do for children. I used to love to visit these kinds of events when my boys were little.

I show you some finds...

This is a little cash register for children to play with from Fisherprice. My boys had one when they were little, I bought that one second hand too. I suppose I gave it away. Don't know yet what to do with it, but I love it.

And this little hedgehog, I'm fond of wooden toys. Don't know what to do with it either yet. On the moment I  never have little children around.

And some silver teaspoons for my collection. I will have to polish them.

These tea spoons are very beautiful, one with an elephant; I collect elephants, and a beautiful seahorse.

And a little silver handbell. Now I can ring for youngest when it's time for dinner and he is on the attic. Well, will try if it works.
I forgot my camera, but now I will show you some photo's of the way home (by bike ofcourse) which were taken last year in march.

We did very much enjoy the ride back, though the wind was blowing rather hard, and rain was in the air. We arrived at home just before it started raining indeed.