donderdag 6 juni 2013

Thursday Show and Tell

When I was 15 I discovered I owned some elephant figurines, and I decide to collect them. Now I own a lot of them, and I'm not active anymore in collecting them. But sometimes someone gives me one as a gift. I show you two of them.

The one above was given to me by my boyfriend in 1981, bought when he was visiting Israel. Not a country known for his elephants, but he sure did find a beautiful one. Though we lost track of each other long ago, I still cherish this elephant very much. It's very dear to my heart, a memory of a kind of an easy time. Much laughter and joy those days. Only responsible for my own life

And now the other elephant I want to show..

An elephant made especially for me, given to me about a year ago by the red haired boy who appeared too in my post about pentecost. A special boy we say nowadays, he has been diagnosed with something in the autistic spectrum. I always forget what, and I don't care. He is a very busy child, so much uncontroled energy. We always had a kind of special way of interacting. When he was little he never did give a kiss when he left after playing or so, like his older brother did. It became a little play,  his older brother gave me a kiss, he saw that and ran away, always. And than the oldest returned and gave me another kiss, for his brother.
And now this boy made an elephant for me, because he knew I did collect them. And he himself sought a place for this elephant in the showcase filled with elephants. And when he visits he looks at it and is content.
So this elephant is dear to me too, a memory too.

Ah, my boys half brothers are also dear to my heart.

zondag 2 juni 2013

And the second part of the garden of De Wiersse

And here we drank some tea and ate some cake. I don't have anything to comment, the photo's spek for themselves. It was a real delight to dwell in this garden on this rainy day, and just imagine how it would be on a sunny day, and more flowers in full bloom. Hope you enjoyed looking at the photo's, it's hard to make a selection. This whole garden and landscape is such a labor of love, and that is very visible.