dinsdag 14 mei 2013

Flea market

Last saturday we visited a little fleamarket which get organised once every 2 years in a little village nearby. The local church is the organiser. It's always a very nice event, with open minded people, and lots of things to do for children. I used to love to visit these kinds of events when my boys were little.

I show you some finds...

This is a little cash register for children to play with from Fisherprice. My boys had one when they were little, I bought that one second hand too. I suppose I gave it away. Don't know yet what to do with it, but I love it.

And this little hedgehog, I'm fond of wooden toys. Don't know what to do with it either yet. On the moment I  never have little children around.

And some silver teaspoons for my collection. I will have to polish them.

These tea spoons are very beautiful, one with an elephant; I collect elephants, and a beautiful seahorse.

And a little silver handbell. Now I can ring for youngest when it's time for dinner and he is on the attic. Well, will try if it works.
I forgot my camera, but now I will show you some photo's of the way home (by bike ofcourse) which were taken last year in march.

We did very much enjoy the ride back, though the wind was blowing rather hard, and rain was in the air. We arrived at home just before it started raining indeed.

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Gerda, I love your very fun purchases, I remember that cash register when my niece was little, very fun. So glad you had a great day.
    Hugs to you,

  2. Wat een prachtige foto's laat je zien, het is nu zo mooi met al dat frisse groen. Geniet van je vondsten van de rommelmarkt. Warme groet, Noor

  3. Ik weet niet hoe oud je zoons zijn,.... maar bewaren dat speelgoed! voor als je oma wordt! En wat is die omgeving mooi!
    Groet Hannah

  4. I remember those little cash registers very well! :) x

  5. prachtige foto's, sfeervol! en wat een leuke vondsten, die tafelbel..super!!

  6. My children had a cash register like this, too, and my youngest daughter has collected a number of elephant shaped items, and she is a nurse at the VA hospital in Portland, Oregon. Your beautiful photos of your bike route home remind me of places I have lived near over the years :-)

  7. You found some lovely items and got some fresh air and exercise too, perfect! That little cash register has brought back memories, my children had one too.