zaterdag 26 mei 2012

First post!!

So this is my first post on my very own blog, something I wanted to do for a long time, but life came in the way. Late this afternoon we picked up our bikes and went for a ride. It's such a beautiful weather here in Holland.
This is the view from our backyard, wel, backyard, it's more a kind of patio, but we are very content with it. First we went into town, our beautful city, look........
I love to see those old buildings, they are standing here for hundreds of years. And the shade of green in the trees. It's such a beautiful, very green colour in the month of may.
And we went on......
I really do love to live in this city of mine. For 20 years I lived in Amsterdam which is a beautiful town too, but it's big. And here I get my bike, and in a few minutes I'm in the countryside. And still I live in a city.
Those city walls are remains of the city walls which were build around 1300.
And on we went, through the city to the river. The sun was shining bright, the wind was blowing nicely.

There we saw this "platbodem", a traditional Dutch sailing boat. 30 years ago I used to sail, and sometimes on this kind of boats.
We sat for a while, and enjoyed the view.
On our way back we passed a stork on his nest, with young ones. I'm still amazed when I see these birds,
some 30 years ago they were almost extinct here in Holland.

I so love these bikerides in the countryside.

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  1. Wonderful photos of your small town...I can only dream of ever seeing. But, I do have a bike and I shall take a trip around my town to write a post from my bicycle...

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    1. Dank je dank je, dat is nog eens een reactie op een bericht van een jaar geleden! groetjes, Gerda