dinsdag 29 mei 2012

A bag

I always have some WIP's, and always some of them are blankets. I crochet  blankets, I knit blankets. Most of the time they are becoming quite big. But on the moment it is to hot for a blanket on my lap, so I'm crocheting grannies. And because of the weather I'm using cotton. I like to work with wool, but now it's to warm.  And than I thought about what to do with it, and voila, it will become a bag. My choice of colours was inspired by the blouse I was wearing, and by the beautiful weather now. I surely love how the colours work together.

It's not my normal choice of colours, but I like it.

It was pleasant crocheting in the patio, while G. was visiting his eldest son and my youngest was playing the music for me he thought I would like. Most times he knows very well what I will like.

Today I was busy crocheting all the grannies together. It amazed me how manygrannies I needed. Ofcourse I knew it, (I did the math)  but seeeing it grow was different. I love how they all look together.

I hope I will be able to finish the bag tomorrow. And I will look in my stash for a matching fabric to line it with. It looks very summery, I  think. Most of the cotton I use is Catania, I like it that this not to thick, and I love the feeling of this. Sometimes I use Rico, or Phildar, but I prefer Catania. I used to use Durable 8, but I can't find this anymore.

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  1. Gorgeous grannies! I have just found your blog via Teresa's in Oregon and I am enjoying catching up with your blog. My eldest daughter moved to NL last year and is living and studying in Groningen, hopefully there will be many more visits for us to your picturesque and friendly country. I love jumping on a bike in the city and cycling out to a lake in no time, best of both worlds. You're definitely on my blog roll :) Fiona (KnitKnatKnotUK)