dinsdag 19 juni 2012


In the beginning of april we were for a few days in the north of Holland, in Drente. One day we visited the little fortified city of Bourtange. This was build in 1593, and it stayed an important fortress till about 1850. Than it just became a little village, most farms. In about 1960 the municipality of Vlagtwedde took the initiative to rebuild it again, and citywalls were made, city canals were digged. Allthough it's not original, it's nice to walk around and to look at all those beautiful restored buildings, and to try to imagine how people lived in the days of the original fortified city.

It was a very cold day for the time of the year, as you can see the sky was gray. The good side was that there were very few people visiting, an opprtunity to see everything in a quiet way. We visisted some buildings inside, like the synagogue, but there we weren't allowed to take pictures.
Till I was 9 years I lived in the province Groningen.  I've mixed feelings about the landscape. It's terribly flat, but that gives also a sense of much space. Mmm.
Have a nice week!!!

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  1. Wij gaan de laatste jaren minstens één dag naar Groningen,combineren dan zo'n drie plekken/plaatsen.Vooral de oude dorpjes aan het water vallen bij ons zeer in de smaak. De borgen zijn ook prachtig. Vorig jaar was de Menkemaborg aan de beurt.Bourtange staat ook op het lijstje om nog eens te bezoeken. Mooie foto's, het maakt me nieuwsgierig naar meer.

  2. What beautiful places! I especially like the place with the water around the little islands. Magical!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Hi, found you via happy caravan, looks like you live in a beautiful part of the world! Love your blanket! Ada :)

  4. I want to visit Drente...wow! Fiona x