maandag 11 juni 2012

Some weekend snaps

The first week of June is always a busy one, at least one birthday each day, in my family and in the family of my ex husband. Though we separated almost 16 years ago, I still see his sisters and his parents. They are dear to my heart. In the early times after our divorce we had to find a way to see each other, and sometimes it was weird, because my place changed, I no longer was the daughter or sister in law, the new way had to grow. And some things I still miss, when the family meets as a family, I am not there. My boys are ofcourse.
It's such a nice family, and so much humour.
I love my own family too, it was nice to see them all on the combined birthday party of my brother and his daughter. My eldest wasn't there, he was sailing with friends. The wind was blowing, and it was raining. Well, he had a wet but good time.

The roses are doing well in this kind of weather, and they smel so nicely.

It wasn't raining all week, these kinds of sky I love.
And we went to a brocante in a little village nearby, where I bougt some old and wobbly things. I like when things are a little bit broken, looking used.

My great-uncle used to make such a kind of pewter sugar bowls, and other things of pewter. Most things I lost in the years I wasn't interested.
And ofcourse we played board games, and this time carriere, a game which my grandmother bought for us, her grandchildren, about 50 years ago. We played this when we stayed with her. I went to stay at both of my grandmothers in the summer hollidays, and I kept doing this till I was 18 years old. In my teens I went with a friend, and we went by bike, about 130 km. from my parents house. Those were always fantastic weeks with my grandmothers. Strange, I was the only grandchild who did this.

We played it so many times, my youngest and me. It brought back some nice memories of me playing it with my brothers.

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  1. Hej Gerda, leuk dat je reageerde op mijn blog, altijd fijn om te weten wie er leest.
    Mooie stad woon je en nr.11 ziet er ook leuk uit.
    Mooie omgeving om te fietsen ;)
    Hier ook veel verjaardagen in juni, dit jaar hebben we er door de vakantie een aantal gemist.