dinsdag 28 augustus 2012

Baby blanket

After living for 20 years in Amsterdam I moved in may 1997 to a little city nearby, just me and my 2 boys; eldest was 5 and youngest was 6 months. We went to live in a collective housing project. The houses were build around a big garden, a beautiful place for children to play in, parties to celebrate, swimming in the summer, telling stories while sitting round the bonfire...I have good memories.
One of my neighbours was a girl of 12 years old, fond of eldest, and she adored youngest. She became my babysitter. When she grew up she went to live alone in one of the little apartments, build for one person. And when I left 5 years ago she, pregnant of her first child, came to live in my house. Next weekend I'm going to visit some friends, and I will pay her a visit too. She is pregnant of her third child now. I made a blanket for the new baby.
First I made a plan, yes, I sometimes do. My overall plan for this year is to knit and crochet only from my stash. I wanted to crochet granny squares of one colour. So I selected colours of cotton from which I was sure I had enough balls left....

These would be the main colours. And from other colours, selected at random, I would knit one square in each row, or something like that....

It was nice to crochet, I joined on the go, although I only crocheted the squares while it was so hot, and finished the blanket last weekend..

Zorro, our black cat, loved it too, see his feet...

And finished. This is the first time I made a kind of lacy border, and I love it. Most times I make solid ones.
I'm rather content with the result, I think my friend will love it too.
Groetjes, Gerda

10 opmerkingen:

  1. Wat een leuk verhaal Gerda! En heerlijk al die vrolijke kleuren die je gebruikt...

  2. Hello Gerda....I can see some similarities in our lives. I am about to move from my farm to a more simple life in a turn-of-the-century house. The blanket is beautiful, especilly the blue lace border.

  3. Oh mooi Gerda!! En zo vrolijk in al die kleurtjes, leuk dat randje ook. En ja...katten en kleedjes!!! Goed geslaagd!

  4. Such lovely colours, I'm sure your friend will love it.
    Sarah x

  5. Leuk dat jullie contact houden. Mooie fleurige plaid heb je voor haar gemaakt.

  6. What a beautiful blanket - a wonderful gift. I love the rainbow of colours in your stash!

  7. Een prachtdeken, Gerda. Complimenten. En ik vind je rand helemaal top. Groet, Wieke

  8. Da's nog eens een cadeau! leuke kleurtjes! Ben benieuwd naar je volgende project: je hebt tenslotte nog zat katoentjes over.
    Groetjes Janine

  9. An absolutely beautiful granny squares blanket, and made with such a lot of love too. Your friend and her baby will love it. I do solid borders too, I will have to be brave and step outside my box like you did, great border. Fiona x

  10. wat ziet dit er gezellig uit...ik houd van al die kleuren. Vast leuk om te doen.