donderdag 2 augustus 2012

Zeeland, day 1

Last weekend youngest and me went to Zeeland. My youngest dearly wished to have visited all the 12 provinces of Holland before he was becomuing 16, and this one was left. I still had a voucher for a night in a Fletcher hotel, so I booked sunday night in Burgh Haamstede, op Schouwen Duiveland. And of we went.
First we went to Vlissingen, because it has an harbour. When my boy drives with me in the car, he talks a lot first, than he puts on his music, and he falls asleep. Doesn't matter what time it is.
In Vlissingen it was koopzondag (than many shops are open) and we walked around and went to the harbour.

I think this ship is going to Antwerp. We saw so many very big ships.

Not a clue what this ship was doing, it just went out the harbour and back in.

Almost ancient harbours walls, in the holes used to stand canons.

The old mill and the new ones. I don't like the sight of new mills, but ofcourse I do know we will need it more and more.

It was nice to sit there, the wind was blowing, the sea was smelling like it's supposed to.

Near the harbour.

Love those little houses, and surely love hollyhocks. Now is the time for them.

So inviting.

And than we left for our hotel. We tried to drive on the little roads, and we had beautiful vieuws.
It was rather impressing to drive on the Veersegat dam and the Oosterscheldedam, which were build in the early sixties to protect Zeeland against the water, after the Watersnoodramp van 1953.

This was the vieuw from our hotel.

And after dinner it went to rain, so we went rather early to our beds, and talked a lot. It feels good to take some time with one of my children.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Hee, leuk dat je in 'mijn' provincie was! Het in-en-uit-bootje was een loodsboot! Die liggen in de Koopmanshaven om loodsen naar de grote zeeschepen te brengen, zodat ze zonder ongelukkig de Schelde door kunnen varen op weg naar Antwerpen of Vlissingen-Oost. Groetjes Lupineke

    1. Ja, natuurlijk, had ik kunnen weten. Hij voer hard, die loodsboot. Dank voor de informatie.

  2. It looks the kind of place I would enjoy visiting, too. The house with the hollyhocks is very pretty and I love the old windmill.