zondag 5 augustus 2012

Carboothsale and Middelburg

Yesterday we had a rather tiring day, we were taking part in a carboothsale in Apeldoorn. It's organised by the WHOE, a foundation which organises transports from things like hospital beds, things for schools, and all kind of other things for eastern Europe.
We were present at 7 o"clock, but that was rather late. Luckily we got a spot.
We were lucky with the beautiful weather, sunyy most time of the day. And lots of visitors. I forgot my camera, but here are some photo's of last weekend.

It looked like this. I had restricted myself to look only for coloured little candle lights, and found only red ones, from which I do have enough. It was rather crowded, nice.

And now, the last part of last monday in Zeeland. After the beach we went to Middelburg. youngest had got his shoes totally wet on the beach, so he was walking on some kind of slippers, which weren't quite comfortable. So he didn't want to climb the church tower, a pity.

And I do love hollyhocks.

And little streets...

And bikes......

And colourful houses......

And old walls......

This is the Isabellagang...

And a really beautiful town hall......

There is ofcourse a lot to tell about Middelburg, but we do have websites.
It was lovely to spend 2 days with youngest, to walk around in those lovely towns, and the sea......

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Some of those little streets look lovely, I love wondering down these type of roads as you never know what you might find! Ada :)

  2. Gave foto's van 'mijn' stad, echt heel erg leuk!! Je kunt hier jaren wonen en je dan nog steeds blijven verbazen over een nieuw steegje, een mooi hoekje, een bijzonder pandje... Leuk dat je er was!

  3. The car boot sale looks fun - but Middelburg is beautiful. Your photographs are wonderful, I think I would love to visit Middelburg after seeing them!

  4. I like your pictures- you see things like I do!

  5. Dat is zeker 25 jaar geleden dat ik in Middelburg ben geweest. Over een tijdje gaan we er heen. Leuk om hier bij jou al wat foto's te zien van de stad. Mooi zijn ze.
    De kofferbakverkoop in Apeldoorn hebben we wel eens bezocht, maar ik heb er deze zomer helemaal niet meer aan gedacht.

  6. oh heerlijk die kofferbakverkoop..krijg meteen zin om te struinen! en wat een mooie reportage van Middelburg, mooie stad! Groetjes, Petra

  7. Hello! Thank you for visiting my blog and your kind comment, it's lovely to find your blog. Your photos are so interesting. I loved the old streets, especially the ones with hollyhocks growing in them!
    Wishing you a happy day!
    Helen x

  8. Very nice photos - I was just blogging about how I need to de-clutter my home - a carbootsale would be the thing I need right now, it´s a shame we don´t have them around here - it´s also great fun to pick up new things you "really" need.