dinsdag 21 augustus 2012


What's on a boys mind when we have the hottest days since 1994? Yes, ofcourse, winter, snow, snowboards. Eldest was, after doing a lot of research on the net,  searching on marktplaats (a second hand marketplace on internet, here in the Netherlands) for a secondhand snowboard and shoes. He had found one set in Limburg, but there would be a change the boats wouldn't fit, to small. And then he came across the sale section of a well known shop, also in Limburg near the indoor snowboarding place. So he had an idea, and presented it to me; the second hand snowboard would be perfect for youngest, who's going on winter sports camp with school in the end of december, the same time as eldest is going with his study friends.
And of we went, friday, for a 2 1/2 ours drive to the south of Limburg. My condition was that we had to go for a walk and picnic. We were lucky that it wasn't so hot yet.
First we went to Landgraaf, and when we arrived it was rather warm, so we fell out of the car and on the terrace of a pub. The most amazing sight was 6 boys sitting all packed up in their snowboard clothes. Okay, in the shadow, but still... It was almost 30 degrees outside. I know, on the snowboard arena it's cold.
Eldest was very happy with the board he bought, 50% cheaper because it was of last season.

And than we went to Epen, a little village were I stayed with G for some days 4 years ago.
Those typical timbered houses of Limburg...

And the most hilly landscape of the Netherlands...

We found little paths to walk..

We saw the typical cows of Limburg, and the usual black and white ones. Standing in the river....

Or looking for shadow...

And we walked besides the little river the Geul, which was flowing rather fast..

We found the most perfect place for a picnic, if only we did bring more than water...

When we arrived in Epen again we went looking for a picnic place, drove around a little bit, and found one under the trees....I had made some salads, it tasted delicious out in the woods.
And after a little visit to Slenaken we left for Roermond, were we bought the snowboard for youngest. The shoes fitted him very good. The man sold his equipment because he had a knee injury and couldn't go snowboarding anymore. He also had some clothes left, pants, jacket, cloves, and the boys could use that too. Last year they didn't go snowboarding at the same time, so they could use some things which belonged to the other. And now I had 2 very content kids, the man had a very good  equipment.

Later that evening, when we were home again, youngest came to sit besides me, and sad he had had a lovely day, and was very happy with the purchases.........

The weekend I made a effort to stay inside, it was to hot for me. On sunday I had to go to a birthday party, a half brother of my boys got 13.  I went early, and so did my ex parents in law;  it was nice to see them again. When I drove home it was HOT....even with the windows of the car opened it didn't cool down, the wind was hot too. I'm very happy the temperature is much better now, I can do things again....

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  1. Hello Greda,
    Thank you for finding my blog and introducing me to your lovely blog too. The countryside above looks so like England apart from the beautiful buildings and cobbled streets.It was hot here too last weekend.
    I also enjoyed looking at your photos of Switzerland and Italy. We have been to Lake Garda and Lake Como which look quite similar.
    Sarah x

  2. Ja mooi is Zuid Limburg. Voelt een beetje als buitenland. Heerlijk zo'n dagje, dan heb je echt een beetje het vakantiegevoel, vooral omdat het ook zulk mooi weer was. Wij waren er vorige week ook een dag en wandelden ook langs de Geul.

  3. Snowboarding thoughts in Summer, that's teenage boys for you! The walk looked lovely! Ada :)

  4. Dank voor je complimenten, Gerda. Altijd leuk om te horen. Maar, wat heb jij ook een top-blog. Prachtige foto's en leuke verhalen; ik heb al een vakantieidee opgedaan voor volgende zomer; viva-italia! Groet, Wieke

  5. Nederland is zo mooi! Dat bewijzen jouw foto's wel weer. En ook ik ben heel blij dat het wat koeler is geworden. Fijn weekend!Groetjes, Petra (leuke katten zie ik idd ook bij jou!)

  6. I sure did enjoy looking at all your wonderful scenic photos! Those rivers are wonderful! Thanks for visiting my blog. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)